Board Approved Resolution for Classrooms at Wilshire Park

At its meeting on December 6, 2016, the School Board discussed and approved a resolution to add up to 9 new classrooms to Wilshire Park. The current proposal includes 7 new classrooms, bathrooms and office space on the east side of the building. The goal is to have the addition built and ready by September 2017 to provide classroom space and accommodate increasing resident student enrollment. In addition, the Board recognized our school district and community have other unmet needs including gymnasium space and plan to engage community members, city and others on options to address those needs.

More than 120 parents and community members attended one of five community meetings in November where Superintendent Laney shared factors which have impacted space, increasing and projected resident student enrollment at Wilshire Park Elementary School, and collected feedback on the proposal to build additional classrooms.  Members of the School Board hosted a listening session for community members on Tuesday, December 6 prior to their meeting. 

If you were unable to attend a community meeting and would like to view the presentation, see the link below.

View the presentation by clicking here.

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