To report an absence, please call 612.706.1108 (you will be leaving a message) or email Mr. Eddie Estrada at eestrada@stanthony.k12.mn.us (link sends e-mail).  If you are calling in the middle of the day and wish to report an absence and talk with Mr. Estrada, please call 612.706.1138.

School attendance laws require children to attend school regularly.  Attendance is a joint responsibility of parents and their children.  If your child is to be absent from school, parents/guardians must call 612.706.1108. If your child is leaving for an appointment during the school day, have them bring a note to Ms. Kurak in the Attendance/Guidance Office or call 612.706.1108 and leave a message.

Returning From an Absence: Upon returning from an absence, students should report to the Attendance Office with a parent note to get an admit slip.  Students will show this slip to teachers so that the teachers can write missed assignments and record whether the absence is excused or unexcused.  It is the student’s responsibility to promptly make arrangements with teachers for make-up work upon returning to school.  If your child returns during the school day, he or she must go to the Attendance Office and sign in.

Approved Legal Excuses for Student Absences: Illness, doctor or dental appointments, death in the family, religious holidays and family emergencies are recognized as excused absences.

Leaving School during the Day:  Although we encourage families to make appointments after school hours, we know that occasionally students must leave.  To arrange for leaving for an appointment during the school day, please:

  1.     Notify the attendance office by sending in a note or calling 612.706.1108
  2.     Have your child stop in the Attendance Office to receive a Permit to Leave slip.
  3.     When it is time for the student to leave, the student should present the Permit to Leave slip to the teacher. (Parents do not need to come in and sign out their child.)
  4.     Students will be released into the custody of their parent/guardian or other authorized person.
  5.     If returning the same day, the student must sign in at the Attendance Office and receive an admit slip to return to class.

Students must be in school the entire day to participate in after-school activities.  Students tardy to first hour will also be ineligible to play a contest or practice on that day.  Exceptions to this policy are:

  1.     Administrative approved absence.
  2.     Previous school permission to miss school, due to a school-sponsored event (e.g. fieldtrip)
  3.     Any absence due to a medical (doctor, dental, eye) appointment must have a note from the medical office to participate for that day.

Final authority for infractions of this rule will rest with the Athletic Director or Principal.  Students absent from school on Friday with a contest the following day (Saturday) will be eligible to participate provided the absence is an excused absence in the eyes of the Athletic Director or Principal.

Late Arrivals:  Students who arrive late to school should go directly to the Attendance Office (located in the guidance office/nurse’s office) for an admit slip to enter class.  Students will sign in upon arrival in order to provide a record of the date and time. If they arrive late without an acceptable written excuse signed by a parent/guardian OR, if we have not received a phone call explaining their tardiness, they will be marked tardy (unexcused).  Oversleeping is never an excused tardy.  Please note that a student absent for more than 15 minutes results in an unexcused absence for that period.

Anticipated Absences  (Pre-Approved):  The intent of this type of excuse is to provide an opportunity for students to accompany their parents/guardians on a vacation that cannot be scheduled when school is not in session. If the vacation has been pre-approved by the administration, this vacation taken on school days falls within the excused category. To obtain a pre-approval, please:

    Complete a Request for Special Absence/Trip Request form at least one week in advance of the absence.
    The student is to acquire the signature/homework for each class period.
    This form must be completed and returned to the Attendance Office at least two days before vacation begins.

Because the interaction that takes place in the classroom can never be duplicated through make-up work, we strongly encourage students to take vacations during days in which school is not in session.