Visual Arts

SURVEY OF ART: Grades 9-12 (1 Semester)
Material Fee: $25
Prerequisites: None

This course is a prerequisite for Drawing & Painting I & II and Advanced Art.  This course is a hands-on introduction to drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture.  Equal time will be given to each discipline.  Students will develop skills in understanding and appreciating art history, aesthetics, art criticism and studio art techniques.  Students focus on the principles of art & design and idea development. The basic goal is to expand the student’s art experience through studio art techniques while recognizing the value of art history.  Effort and participation are emphasized to foster a positive life-long appreciation for the visual arts.

DRAWING & PAINTING I:  Grades 10-12 (1 Semester)
Material Fee:  $25
Prerequisites: Survey of Art

Drawing and painting are basic forms of visual communication and integral skills for artistic expression.  This course challenges students to explore styles of drawing and painting throughout art history.  Students will be introduced to several 2D media and techniques including; graphite, charcoal, pastels, mixed media, watercolor and acrylic.  Emphasis will be placed on developing skills necessary for free-hand sketching, rendering, and creative expression.  Students will develop skills to creatively solve design problems while communicating personal expressions in each artwork they create.

DRAWING & PAINTING II:  Grades 10-12 (1 Semester)
Material Fee:  $25
Prerequisites: Drawing & Painting I

This class builds on the skills introduced in Drawing & Painting I.  It presents a more in-depth study of observational and abstract approaches to drawing, study of watercolor, and acrylic painting styles and techniques.  Students will gain an understanding of how to use different art mediums and gain self-confidence and the ability to put down on paper what you really see. Emphasis will be placed on the creative thought process, individual creativity and craftsmanship.

CERAMICS I:  Grades 9-12 ( I Semester)
Material Fee:  $25
Prerequisites: None

This introduction to 3D clay artworks explores the powerful impact and many uses of pottery throughout the world.  Students will learn hand-building techniques to create functional and decorative forms while studying clay terminology and glazing methods.  Traditional wheel throwing techniques are explored and each student will have the opportunity to throw a pot on the wheel.

CERAMICS II:  Grades 9-12  ( I Semester)
Material Fee:  $25
Prerequisites: Ceramics I

This class builds on the skills introduced in Ceramics I.  Emphasis is placed on developing craftsmanship and creativity while working with clay.  Units of study include, but are not limited to; functional & non-functional clay pottery, representational & non-representational sculpture, pinch, coil, slab and wheel thrown construction techniques.  If you love working with clay this is the class for you!

PAPER ARTS:  Grades: 9-12 (1 Semester)
Material Fee:  $25
Prerequisites: None

Creating art doesn't always consist of drawing and painting, there are broader horizons out there.  In this course you will explore paper art techniques as well as create folk art.  We will dive into making handmade paper,  book & journal binding, various forms of printmaking,  as well as paper and fiber sculpture.   We will also investigate folk art of the world and create art that ranges from textile works to totem poles. 

SCULPTURE & METALS:  Grades: 9-12 (1 Semester)
Material Fee:  $25
Prerequisites: None

If you want to build 3D artworks and create metal jewelry pieces, this class is for you.  Sculpture class is an introduction to the study of form, space, texture and a variety of materials and process used to create 3D artworks.  Students will build a solid understanding of three-dimensional concepts by learning basic sculptural; additive and subtractive construction, and metalsmithing skills and techniques; piercing metal and etching.  Materials used and to be explored for sculptures consist of but are not limited to: wire, wood, copper, brass, clay, fibers, paper and found objects. 

PHOTOGRAPHY & DIGITAL ART:  Grades: 9-12 (Full Year Class)
Material Fee: $50.00
Prerequisites:  None  

Formerly “Digital Art,” this class is bigger and better, expanding its focus on photography and digital art. Students will learn about how photography works, it’s history, it’s impact in the world, and how to take a great photograph through various projects and assignments. Additionally students will use Photoshop and Illustrator to create original digital art pieces. In this course students’ art skills are enhanced through the use of the computer, digital camera, scanner and computer software to create personally expressive original artworks. Units of study include elements & principles of art and design, digital photography, illustration, digital imagery. Software applications studied and used include Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Illustrator. Material Fee includes color printing and CD portfolio.

Digital Drawing I:  Grades 9-12 (1 Semester)
Prerequisites: none
Material Fee: $25 for printing in house or sending things to get printed. Fee will also pay for sketchbooks for all students.

Most of the art we see today is done digitally, from Comics to Video games, Special effects in movies to Cartoons, even t-shirts and posters, most of these are created with Digitally. This class will be learning digital painting and drawing.  No prior knowledge of digital art or digital drawing will be required for this class. We will learn how the elements of art apply to digital art, character design, Concept art, Video game design and illustration, as well 3-D digital design. We will be using Intuos drawing tablets, to draw in software programs including and not limited to Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, and Flash, as well as Blender. Whether you have an interest in Learning how to create digital paintings, design characters or landscapes for video games, or just want to broaden your artistic skills to a new medium, this will be a class you will enjoy.

FILMMAKING & ANIMATION:  Grades 9-12 (2 Semesters, Student can take the full year or choose a semester however it is suggested to take a full year)
​Material Fee: $10 each semester  
Prerequisites: None

Semester 1: Filmmaking- Course #1090A
Semester 2: Filmmaking II- Course #1090B

Filmmaking is a class where you can learn to write produce and create your own movies. This will be teaching industry standards, to help bring amateur films to a professional level. This class will be broken up into 2 sections. Film I will go through the basics of film, where Film II will focus on the aesthetic and concepts within film. Both sections will be creating original films.  Learn about the art of filmmaking and animation, it’s history as an artistic media, the aesthetics of film and animation, how to write a storyboard, camera techniques, film editing and how to market your film. Students in this class will study and critique different genres of film and animation and create films and animations with artistic intent during the class. Primary Animation techniques will be Stop Motion and Flash. Technology and software used in this class will be digital camcorders, still digital cameras, Hit Film 4 Express and other editing software, Frame by Frame, Adobe Flash, and Photoshop.

Material Fee:  $50
Prerequisites:  Survey, 2 art credits OR previous AP credit

Students may choose an area of study: drawing & painting, ceramics, collage, or printmaking.

Students enrolling in Advanced Art will need to submit a portfolio to receive AP designation on their transcript.

AP DIGITAL ART:  Grades 11-12 (Full Year)
Material Fee:  $50
Prerequisites:  Full year of Digital ART OR previous AP Digital Art Credit

AP Art is an opportunity for students seriously interested in art to work independently and explore their artistic ideas and vision   It is a chance for the visually gifted to excel and receive recognition on a national scale if the student wishes to submit a portfolio for AP testing in the spring.