SANBE 2014-2015 Grants Awarded

Susan Boatman -­ ACHIEVE program at Wilshire Park

In partnership with the Minnesota Historical Society, SANBE funded a classroom visit from a costumed Minnesota history character. This program creatively uses artifacts and story telling to inspire the students to create and research their own time period in the history of Minnesota.  

Jamie Eagan - Physical Education program at Wilshire Park

SANBE funded a water hydration system in the cafeteria which allows students and staff to fill water bottles during lunch hours while enhancing a 4th and 5th grade science standard regarding clean water supply.   
Andrew Kastenberg - Industrial Technology Teacher at St. Anthony Village High School

SANBE funds purchased a TIG Welder for use in the Engineering Lab.  This stronger weld method allows for welding of aluminum and is used with the mechanical Engineering classes and the Supermileage class.   
Nathan Meyer - 6th grade Reading, 7th & 8th grade Media Literacy Teacher at St. Anthony Middle School

This SANBE grant supplied two iMac computers and video editing technology for St. Anthony Middle School’s Media Literacy class to allow students to explore podcasting and radio broadcasting as well as research, plan, film, and produce a public service announcement.
Jean Lynch and Katherine Johnson - Special Education Teachers at St. Anthony Middle School and St.Anthony Village High School

SANBE funds provided ten Kindles and CDs to support access to general education reading for special education students.
Kelsey Engstrom - 1st grade teacher at Wilshire Park 

SANBE funded a magnetic teaching easel, magnetic ten frames, magnetic write and wipe board and magnetic words to provide hands on and high interest learning to 1st grade students.
Steven Rice - Science teacher at St. Anthony High School

SANBE funds purchased eight stream tables for the Environmental Science course to model many natural behaviors of water and topography.
Luke Tressel and Amber Potts - Physical Education at St. Anthony Middle School and St. Anthony Village High School

This SANBE grant provided materials to implement a new and improved disc golf unit, an interesting activity that implements a curriculum which meets national standards.   
Lisa Cartwright -­ STEM Specialist at Wilshire Park

SANBE partially funded a 5th  grade field trip to a success beyond the classroom event which provides a hands on introduction to careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

Paul Lulai - ­ Science Teacher at St. Anthony Village High School

SANBE funds purchased a Gyroscope and Rotating Chair, materials that will provide students the opportunity to investigate rotational inertia, angular momentum, torque and angular impulse on a larger scale.

Alli Downing -­ 1st Grade Teacher at Wilshire Park

SANBE funded a magnetic white board easel and materials to enhance teaching and learning for first graders.